Compact Single-Phase electronic converter

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Mobility and compact design own design housing of anodized aluminum and carrying handle
Security device against tension fluctuation, current leakage, grounding absence, overload, phase loss, short circuit and overheating
High cooling level heat sink housing made of extruded fins around the perimeter and feet that allow air circulation also on the base unit
Maintenance not required
Quality abrasion resistant materials
Durability the absence of mobile mechanical parts extends its lifetime
Easy repair incorporates a quick system to remove and replace the electronic components

Connection : Single-Phase
Input: 220-240V / 50-60 Hz 1 Ph
Output: 42 V / 200 Hz 3 Ph
Protection: IP44-57

Pokers connection possibilities: pokers intensity sum (A) to connect must not exceed generator output intensity (A)

ArticleREFInput Intensity AInput V/HzOutput KVAOutput Intensity AOutletsWeight
VOLTO 23010.1696220-240 / 50-60 1,1016110
Pokers for VOLTO electronic converter

AV Standard

AV Turbo

ERGO Standard

ERGO Turbo