Electric motor with rotative connection

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1 Carrying handle with on/off switch easily accessible
2 Quick coupling system plug’n’play pokers
3 Slots that allow engine cooling
4 Single-phase electric engine built-in housing
5 Accessible brushes
6 Grille that enables engine cooling while protecting against particles insertion
7 Plug – 2Ph
8 Supply and cord according EC regulation and special for the outdoors – 1 m

Compact electric motor with rotative connection of mechanical pokers.
Rotative connection allows hose turn adapting to the operator’s movements and avoiding the engine tipping.
Operates to single phase connection 230V outlet.
Light and little heavy works.

Rsistance  shock resistant housing
Mobility light weight and transport handle
Safety double isolated engine
Power high performance electric engine
Simplicity  easily interchangeable plug’n’play pokers
Durability perfectly lined engine that prevents friction and overheating
Quality abrasion resistant materials

Connection: Single-Phase
Power: 2.300/3 W/Hp
Phases: 1
Speed: 16.000 v.p.m.
Dimensions: 13x29x23 cm
Weight: 5,7 kg
Protection: IP44

VIPOCK 23010.700230 / 50-60
VIPOCK 11510.701115 / 60
This motor is compatible with: