Electronic poker with converter built-in

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Poker with integrated electronic vibration converter.
Rounded edges to avoid hooks.
Easy replacement of the electronic card.
Long life and energy duration.

Resistance aluminum box shockproof
Mobility & comfort easy to handle, converter and poker on a single equipment
Security protection device against tension fluctuation, current leakage, overload, phase loss, short circuit and overheating
Design ergonomic and resistant
Quality abrasion resistant materials
Easy repair incorporates a quick system to remove and replace the electronic components

Connection: Single-Phase
Input: 230V 50-60Hz 1 Ph
Output: 230/200 V/Hz 3 Ph
Speed: 12.000 v.p.m.
Protection: IP 44-57
Hose length: 5 m (Special hose lengths upon request)
Cable length: 15 m