Petrol vibrating screed for concrete extending with antivibration handlebar

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Resistance made of aluminum
Mobility lightweight and transport bar
Security cushions reduce vibration spread to operator
Power high performance electric engines
Autonomy powered by petrol engine, does not require electric power supply
Comfort total control from handlebar
Performance profile designed to make easy drag-and-thrust while paving concrete
Quality abrasion resistant materials

Antivibration handlebar
90º profile special for concrete extending

4T – 7.000 v.p.m. – 1,1 Hp

Special profile lengths upon request

ArticleREFWeight KG
MOTOR SET10.66112
ArticleREFProfile lengths mWeight KG
90º PERFIL 1,530.080.1.51,56
90º PERFIL 230.080.228
90º PERFIL 2,530.080.2.52,510
90º PERFIL 330.080.3312